The effects of Trump's commercial war: Ford, Procter & Gamble and Walmart and other giants announce massive layoffs and price increases due to higher production costs

today, 14:01


Alex Ciutacu

From Ford, Walmart to Procter & Gamble, more and more giant companies in America are warning that Donald Trump's trade-related import tariffs have significantly increased production costs, according to DailySabah.

As a result, US companies draw attention to future layoffs arising from the US President's commercial decisions.

Jim Hackett, Ford's CEO, America's second-largest car manufacturer, announced this week that Trump's steel and aluminum taxes have raised Ford's production costs by about $ 1 billion, leading to sharp inflation in prices. threatens the entire car industry.

Also, Walmart, the largest retailer and the largest US employer, told Trump that the final round of costs – worth about $ 200 billion in Chinese goods – would lead to price increases for customers.

Walmart has already said that it will have to raise prices for a wide range of products, ranging from car seats, backpacks, caps and even bicycles.

Procter & Gamble, the consumer choice giant, has warned against potential price increases, but also for a series of redundancies that would result from tariffs.

In the meantime the price for Coca-Cola is increasing due to these rates.

This week, when President Jerome Powell was asked by the Fed for future buy-side basketball rates, he said the board has begun to take note of business voices warning against this phenomenon.

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