Horoscope Camelia Patrascanu 1 – 7 October 2018

Horoscope Camelia Patrascanu 1 – 7 October 2018. The astrologer made the predictions for the first week of the tenth month of the year.

Horoscope Camelia Patrascanu 1 – 7 October 2018:

Horoscope. Aries: He has a week to base his current position, personal safety, both in the family and in the company, to be more careful in his relationships, good aspects in the field of surprising benefits by other people. Thursday morning, weekend health first.

Horoscope. Taurus: They have a week that starts on a very fertile month on Monday, they can make money or make a few maneuvers that can earn some money, even through conversations they get the money through contracts or via clever ways to find channels. Family stresses on weekends are getting better.

Horoscope. Gemini: Because they have the moon right in their constellation, they even start months well and that means inspiration and intuition in personal and business relationships, money on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday is an exciting day in terms of documents and from an administrative point of view, all sorts of ways have to be solved, in the weekdays in the family.

Horoscope. Cancer: Attention to what others say, perhaps they did not notice nuances, Tuesday and Wednesday have intuition and flair in personal relationships, good relationships with children, family-related family talks on Thursday.

Horoscope. Leo: A week in which they are very energetic, putting pressure on those with whom they work, they want to do things quickly. Only in the second half of the week have Friday-Saturday good financial pressure, on Thursday they have a nervous crisis if someone does not like them.

Horoscope. Virgo: Career companies are energetic and want to get to the workplace, they can value, inventiveness and creativity, they are very ambitious, and they will make money with this work. On Thursday they have tensions because of surprises. READ THE CONTINUATION ON ANTENA3.RO.

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