10 questions that Carmen Dan has to answer

Minister of Internal Affairs Carmen Dan presented more information on Sunday about the August 10 rally that he described as manipulation. It is the second time since the protest of dissonance when the official appears publicly in a press statement, but refuses to answer questions.

Carmen Dan presented a report he had requested last week stating that he did not have the role of guilty party and that he had no hesitation in presenting it to parliamentary committees, the government or the CSAT.

However, the minister failed to clarify some important issues for public opinion on how the gendarmes intervened in the evening of 10 August.

Ziare.com has made an inventory of the ten most important questions that Carmen Dan has to answer.

1. "Two-and-a-quarter" and the Gendarmerie informed of the presence of the hooligans on Victoria Square?

2. Who told the gendarmes that two colleagues would have been killed by demonstrators?

3. How much gas does Victory Square use?

4. Why were the gendarmes covered with the band of the units they were part of?

5. Who led the intervention of gendarmes at Victoriei Square?

6. Why were gendarmes and SAS crews sent to Springtime after a call to 112?

7. Why were the gendarmes armed with weapons?

8. Which gun was stolen?

9. What is the actual number of abuses by gendarmes?

10. Who is responsible for misinformation about spokespeople?

"Two-and-a-quarter", on the orders of the minister

1. "Two-and-a-quarter" and the Gendarmerie informed of the presence of the ultras in Victoria Square?

In an interview with Antena3, Carmen Dan also spoke about information from specialized services in connection with the protests of 10 August.

"There was an episode in which I mistakenly assumed that the MAI would have very good communication with the partners of the information structures, I did everything I could as a minister, there was no doubt that we had good intentions together with these structures.

The nature of this information did not lead to the idea that such demonstrations will take place. I can not publicly discover what this information was. I can say that there was communication, there was an exchange of information, "said the minister.

The Minister of Home Affairs is subordinate to a secret service: the DIPI, known as & # 39; Two-and-a-Quarter & # 39 ;, and the Gendarmerie has a database with supporters of football teams. At Antenna3, the minister made it clear that these structures had no information about possible violence.

Photo: Antena3 TV

Information that could degenerate the protest was at least known on 9 August, when the head of the Romanian gendarmerie service, Marius Militaru, and the gendarman spokesman, Major Georgian Enache, said that the gendarmes would not tolerate civil insubordination. destabilize.

Internal wrong information

2. Who told the gendarmes that two colleagues were killed?

Catalin Paraschiv, head of the Special Gendarmerie Intervention Brigade (BSIJ), explained in an interview that when he was at Victory Square he received the information that two of his colleagues had died.

"At the time of return two pieces of information were received: one passed by the research structures in the market that made clear that the gendarmes are being attacked, that they are lying on the ground, they are razed to the ground, two people are being killed. they meant … then I also saw the photo 's on television with that girl and that boy (…) Simultaneously, from the dispatch, we were informed that on television there are pictures of two gendarmes lying on the floor on your head.

At that moment the commander of the action took the decision that the special brigades would act in the direction of spring. & # 39;

Carmen Dan became acquainted with the statements of Antena3 Paraschiv on Sunday evening:

"The commander of the operation must tell who has received this information." I do not know exactly how the communication system worked. "I know that the information did indeed come to Colonel Paraschiv and that at that moment he expressed maximum tension: gendarmes are being murdered Now, cold and unpunished, do an analysis when you say, Gendarmes are killedthat they are subjected to attacks, that they can be killed, and have not expressed themselves I have dead gendarmes. "

The amount of gas, confidential

3. How much gas does Victory Square use?

The Attorney General announced on Thursday evening that he had removed several documents from the Romanian gendarmerie regarding the chemicals used in the intervention of the August 10 meeting at Victoriei Square, as well as samples of these substances and non-lethal ammunition.

Prosecutors declare that they have a quality and guarantee certificate and a declaration of conformity and have presented their list.

Regarding the amount of irritant-lacrimogenic gases used by Gendarmerie troops during the demonstration on 10 August, the minister said that data on this subject were included in the MAI report on events at Victoriei Square, but that the document was "confidential" character "and that he can not do this.

Gendarmes and adhesive tape

4. Why did the gendarmes covered with the tape have the indications of the units they were part of?

No Gendarmerie or MIA official explained why the gendarmes kept their identification number and the sign of their unit hidden.

Images captured with a passport production clearly show how the black tape is stuck on the code on some boxes.

Photo: Facebook / passport production

"On the photo, gendarmes in action, at 4.30 pm, with the identification numbers on the sheaths covered with black tape, they do not look like people of all kinds who work for the citizen and have nothing to hide", have write of passport production on Facebook.

Hard to believe: a leader of the action!

5. Who coordinated the intervention of the gendarmes in Piata Victoriei?

According to the Minister of the Interior, the 10th August mission was carried out by the Gendarmerie unit in Bucharest, commander of Major Laurentiu Cazan, who also had additional troops from four centers on the territory and that the National Center for Public Order was not activated.

Carmen Dan, however, was present in the MAI on the night from 10/11 to 3 o'clock at night. In addition, the former chief commander of the Gendarmerie, Colonel Sebastian Cucos, and his deputy, Colonel Ionut Sindile, were present at Victoriei Square on the evening of 10 August.

According to media broadcasts, the two appear because the interventions in the field coordinate.

Photo: Facebook / passport productions

Even in places where the gendarmes intervened aggressively, they were coordinated by Colonel Catalin-Razvan, head of BSIJ. So there were at least three colonels on the market, with numbers and functions that were higher than Major Laurentiu Cazan.

Sebastian Cucos, head of the Romanian gendarmerie, and Marius Militaru, spokesperson for the Gendarmerie, on the evening of 10 August.

Photo: Republica.ro

Springtime episode: Who called 112?

6. Why were gendarmes and SAS crews sent to Springtime after a call to 112?

Interior Minister Carmen Dan said there was a 112 phone call that claimed violence in the spring, and at that time the police were sent, blocked to be taken by the gendarmes.

The fast-food delivery in the spring caused the intervention of the violent gendarmes. According to the Minister of the Interior, four crews of an elite unit were deployed at that location, although there was nothing.

Video footage from Victoria Square shows that people who & # 39; police cars & # 39; saw, & # 39; without violence & # 39; and & # 39; back & # 39; sang. The oaks began to withdraw and the protesters applauded and chanted "M ** e PSD" and "bravo". So the intervention of the Gendarmerie was not justified.

Carmen Dan: "At 10:53 pm, the 112 coordinator reports that a group of people is violent in the area of ​​fast food at Calea Buzesti and DGJMB calls on the police to intervene because they do not have the opportunity to reach the area.

In the first phase were led in the area 2 crews of the Special Action Service of the Bucharest police, later, shortly thereafter, in support of them coming two more crews.

Around 11:01 PM, the crews report that there are no acts of violence or vandalism in the area, and therefore the order is withdrawn. Meanwhile, the crews are blocked by the crowd of people around the car, and therefore the support by the Gendarmerie is required.

In the dynamics of this situation, three other police officers who are confined to the same area in the Victoria Passage. At the request of the police, two gendarmerie detachments are led from the Victoria Palace to the police stations that are blocked in the fast food zone. This is the moment when the two gendarmes – a man and a woman – are isolated from the rest of the detachments and are attacked by being shot from one of them. "

The guns-puzzles

7. Why were the gendarmes armed with weapons?
8. Which gun was stolen?

"At 11:11 pm there was an intervention to restore public order to eliminate the risk of danger for the participants, especially because a weapon was stolen from a gendarme," said Carmen Dan.

But the questions remain: why did the gendarmes have weapons during the spring intervention, which model was the gun and whether the bullets were stolen.

In this case, a person has been arrested, but he denies having stolen the gun.

Only 5 abuses?

9. What is the actual number of abuses by gendarmes?

Carmen Dan said on Sunday evening that until now five cases of gendarmerie abuse were found against people who were not violent.

Mass media and users of social networks have reported dozens of cases of abuse of the gendarmerie. The complaints have been filed with the General Prosecutor. In fact, protesters have told prosecutors what they did in the evening of the protest.

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Official: Explosions thrown into gendarmes

10. Who is responsible for misinformation about spokespeople?

More information that ignited public opinion was made by the Gendarmerie spokesman. According to the official fighters pour urine and gall bladder into the gendarmes. No record or photo has been submitted as evidence to support this claim.

Time 17:15 Spokesperson for the Gendarmerie in Bucharest, Georgian Enache, lives in Antena 3: "The dialogue teams belong to the protesters and talk to them to prevent them from engulfing the police with various objects and using bags with excrement, with urine.

They were thrown to the Force Command. There were also broken stones from the road, which did not hurt … only the gendarmes, but even people who attended the public meeting. My colleagues, when the protective fencing broke, used the individual protection because they were put in a dangerous situation and the law allows the gendarme to use all the means he has in his equipment to remove them. Danger. At this point the situation has become a little quieter from our point of view. "

Antena 3 titles on the screen: "Demonstrators tried to occupy the government", "Sources: galleries come to market members", "Manifestants threw flags in the gendarmerie", "A gendarme was injured in incidents."

Photo: recording of Antena3 TV

Gendarmerie spokesman Marius Militaru gave the media information that was later not confirmed. This is the "cervical spine fracture suspicion" in the case of the female gendarme who was hit.

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