19 people, including eight children, blocked in …

The alpine firefighters of Deva intervened Monday to save 19 tourists who stayed in the cable car at Hill Hill, blocked during the descent. There were eight children among them, and the crews used a special salvage device, the first information indicating that all children had already descended.

According to representatives of the Emergency Situations Inspectorate (ISU) Hunedoara, the alpine firefighters have created a suction basket for rescue from height to save the 19 tourists in the closed cable car.

"The alpine firefighters were involved in the rescue of 19 people trapped in the Cavalry Hill cable car.The alpine firefighters have created a specific lifesaving device, consisting of an arm and an extraction basket, with which it carries out the efficient operation of the application. on the basis of the tourists, "the representatives of ISU Hunedoara.

According to the quoted source, 11 adults and eight children aged 4 to 12 were in the cable car.

"From our information, all 8 children have landed on the ground and adults have to be saved," said representatives of ISU Hunedoara. They noticed that it is not very high, about four meters.

In support of the tourists was referred to a cable car and a medical crew with a car transport several victims, but at a first evaluation the tourists seem to have no medical problems.

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