21 tourists died drowned

While there is a red flag on the south coast of the coast that prohibits bathing in the sea, the yellow flag flies to the north, so that only experienced swimmers can enter the water.

Tourists ignore the warnings of the rescuers, stumble in the furious waves without realizing how strong the current is. A 17-year-old teenager from Târgovişte drowned at Olimp yesterday after he went into the water with his uncle to play with the ball. When they were called by the lifeguards, they tried to come to the coast. Only the uncle succeeded. The nephew was hardly taken out of life, but when she was resuscitated, she gave her heart.

Another sad message came from Costinesti. A 40-year-old tourist was put off in a heartbeat on the beach of the French Gulf and medical crews could not save him. The area is not guarded by lifeguards, it is full of tourists who set up their tents.

Shortly after, a 60-year-old man died on a beach in Mamaia, although his rescuers and medical crews came to his aid. "There is a need for a bill to punish disobedient tourists, and when the red flag is lifted, the lifeguards are withdrawn from the beach", suggests the head of the southern coastal salvador, Vasile Borteş. Since the beginning of the summer season, 21 people have died on the coast, three of them children

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