54 families remained on the road

In Bucharest there was a fire that left 54 ​​families on the road. The disaster took place in a block. Fire has used 54 apartments that can no longer be used. But what happens to the flower owner? According to Realitatea TV, this was changed by the 5th city hall and the man also owns two other buildings within the same sector. His problem is that he does not have permission for them. The people on stage were surprised by the times when the fire had set everything on its path. In this way dozens of families, children, parents and grandparents stayed on the streets in a few moments.

Who is the man who owned the building that was burned in the fire in Bucharest?

On the occasion of this great event, something that was not in accordance with the law came to light. It seems that the 54 families, now homeless, have paid huge amounts to a project developer. And the thing that does not conform to the law is not necessarily the huge amount, but the fact that they were paid on the basis of an antecontract.

Ilie Ionita, to his name, is the owner with many irregularities. The man had already been investigated by prosecutors for money laundering and tax evasion. According to press information, he would also be a friend of the Census Clan.

The fire destroyed 54 apartments that can no longer be used at all.
Ilie Ionita is the person who owns the building.

The victims of the fire but also of Elia said that their apartments cost between 20,000 and 40,000 euros. Money for the developer, however, was in rates. They moved to that building five years ago and since then they still pay the man for a house they now prefer.

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Ilie Ionita is mentioned or, as I say in his friend group, Ilie Zorilă, has been contacted by Pro TV News, for more information about what happens to what happened. The man answered them briefly and was not interested. "I am not interested!"Elijah said.

Folk declarations after the fire in Bucharest

The fire destroyed 54 apartments that can no longer be used at all.
Firefighters, while acting in the case of the fire that took 54 apartments.

Besides paying people more than they should, they are now on their way. Ilie Ionita offered 54 apartments at that time for half the price on the market. And as an advantage, he offered them the solution to pay in installments. Not the man would be the only culprit, because for such a thing you also need a number of authorizations, authorizations that must come from the Sector in the area where you want to do the business. In that case and then the mayor of Sector 5, where Elia developed his company, was Marian Vanghelie.

One of the people involved in the fire knew that it was cruel to what happened. "The situation is desperate, floors 3 and 4 are ash, the roof is ash, it is flooded everywhere, it can not live anymore, there is a lot of water in the basement, people are desperate, they do not have a place to sleep.", explained a tenant.


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