A family with two children was chased by several criminals in Tandrera

Three months after the Sinesti robbery scandal, a family with two children tells how it would be deprived of the big road. People returned home to the coast when their car was viewed and attacked with stones. The mother who was driving said that the police had not helped her. With a sick girl in the car, the woman claims she has been escaped by attackers.

Carmen Ilie, victim: "At that moment you do not just drive a car and you try to get rid of yourself, it's about your family, how do you let your children live?"

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In the middle of the night, in the minibus of St. Mary, the woman and her family had left at sea because of a medical emergency – one of her little girls was getting worse. They were on their way to Galaţi, but at the exit of Ţăndărei their car was blocked and surrounded by many unknown people.

Carmen Ilie, victim: "You realize that a van has stopped in front of you and you see that a coming citizen is coming from her, he is on his way to you." There is another car left on your way, just like you I would urge the girl Doctor must go. "The big girl had woken up, she was already scared because I started screaming. & # 39;

Frustrated, the woman turned the car to seek help. He stopped at the nearest police station. There people would have been attacked the second time by the men who followed them.

Carmen Ilie, victim: "They also declined when we realized that there was no one, and that I could not escape and that I had to flee, I started and I left with speed, and those in the Audi and the Audi started to throw with what they at the hand, with stones. "

Meanwhile her husband had called 112. The coordinator sent him to the police in a different place and accused the family. But there were no agents.

Carmen Ilie, victim: "They heard me scream, I told them I had a sick baby, and if you know they were different, send a team in the second to see what's going on."

The representatives of the Ialomita police have another option. They say that the Galaţi family did not say it was being attacked. And one of the aggressive aggressors would have called 112.

Andreea Loghin, spokesman for IPJ Ialomita: "A Tandarei resident appealed to the City Police and reported that there are two suspect cars in the area of ​​the village, one of them is registered in Galaţi, one in Bucharest, traveling through the streets of the city . "

The story is similar to the sinister looting. Although three months have elapsed since the scandal, the researchers have made no retention. In May, Minister of Internal Affairs Carmen Dan announced that there were internal controls. Eight policemen were disciplined. But the research seems to be on the spot.

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