A little girl drowned in Mangalia, where she had come with her parents' friends. He died just outside the red flag

It is a summer on the Romanian coast. Although the red flag has flown for a week, a sign that swimming is strictly forbidden, people continue to risk their lives in the waves.

On Thursday afternoon, an 11-year-old child died in Mangalia. Witnesses say that he entered the sea with a coil, under the supervision of close relatives, and was unconscious a few minutes later. The number of deaths has therefore risen to 22 from the start of the season.

The SMURD survivors tried tens of minutes to bring it back to life. The operation took place on the sand in a few steps of the red flag that prohibited bathing.

The girl was at sea with family friends and went into the water in an area that many adults thought – wrongly – safely. A strong wave pulled her out of the bend and the current pulled her out.

When it was brought to the country, the little one did not breathe, and the doctors told her death.

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So far, 22 people have died and the rescuers will keep the red flag and the following days through strong currents and waves. And yet many tourists do not understand the risks to which they are exposed and ignore all warnings.

The authorities call and ask people to be more accountable.

If you see STEAG ROSE WITH YELLOW, it means that the lifeguard is present, swimming is allowed

When the YELLOW FOOT is lifted, the sea is irritated and bathing is only allowed to experienced swimmers.

When you see RED STEAG at lifeguards' lifeguards – swimming is forbidden, the danger of drowning is extremely high.

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