A new shot for Darius Vâlcov

Florin Cîţu claims in a post on facebook that Darius Vâlcov, the "adviser who has been sentenced to execution for the first time", throws all kinds of petards into public space, the liberal referring to his statements with a hole of $ 2 billion in the budget, stating data from the National Agency for Mineral Resources (ANRM), which would have appeared between 2015 and 2017.

"Declarations of Darius Vâlcov – self-declaration?, Condemned at first instance on Eight-year-old, with execution, threw all kinds of petards in the public space. The person who stole public money for many years (according to a court) comes and (himself) condemns a mass murder.The reference price of natural gas is since 2008 no longer updated by ANRM! Where is the robbery? The royalty is applied at this price, so because the reference price has not been updated, the royalty received by the Romanian state was lower. "[19659002] The liberal spoke about "what Darius Vâlcov does not say": "What would the price have been for consumers, individuals and people? ", Florin Cîţu said, legal basis when this reference price was updated A month ago, Vâlcov proposed the capping of the gas price And, more importantly, PSD is governed in 2012, including Darius Vâlcov.If it was a massive robbery, why did If he has not done anything yet, are these statements a self-assessment? I am sure he will explain to the prosecutors, but especially the Romanians, why he did nothing in the criminal investigation he asked for in six years of government. & # 39;

About ANRM, which updates the reference price, reminds the PNL senator that "it is organized and functions as a specialized body of the central public administration, with legal personality, subordinated to the government and in coordination with the prime minister, through a State Counselor "Do you think Vâlcov will find answers to these questions?", he wrote on the social network.

"The Court makes no qualitative analyzes, but only quantitatively, for example CC says an institution loses money if it does not bank with the highest interest rates usually means the most risky (the banks with shareholders in Greece and Cyprus in Romania), so it is easier with the "analyzes" of CC ", added Florin Câtu at the end of the posting

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