A representative of PNL speaks with Darius Vâlcov

"Vâlcov tells us that the offshore law was bad and that it has therefore been adapted for him and Dragnea forever, the reason why everyone who tries to correct it is considered a traitor." Romania, the nation, must see how & # 39; honest, correct, loving people & # 39 ;, namely Dragnea and Vâlcov, fighting for "corrupt imperialists" for the good of the people! I do not comment on the law itself .It is clear that the law the investors and the nation must also satisfy, certainly those who negotiate national wealth for the sake of others can be regarded as traitors, but those who use this law to defend their donkey as they are called? Those who knowingly electorate bribe, at the expense of the construction of highways, hospitals, schools, healthy economic development, what do they call them? Those who send a stooge into the government to make their games and to us all over the world make it laugh, as they are called! ", Wrote Marian Petrache on Facebook Saturday

adding that he wants an offshore law to allow gas and oil extraction

" I want an offshore law that makes it possible to extract gas and oil, but that is in the interests of Romania and the Romanians. But I also want healthy and well-educated people. Those who play with our health and education, with the future of Romania, just to defend their skin, can be considered traitors to the country and the nation and must be punished! "

Darius Vâlcov, the Prime Minister's Economic Counselor said on Saturday that anyone who" dares "to change the current form of the Offshore Act must be convicted of treason.

" As much as European embassies or other expulsions by the market or anywhere else would shout, who would dare – this is of course my point of view – to change the current form of the Offshore Law, in the sense of reducing those financial conditions approved in the Chamber of Deputies at the suggestion of Liviu Dragnea, I think it will have to be tried for treason. Because that is what we are talking about 6 billion dollars, which the Romanian state deserves in addition to the original version of the law, and I do not think anyone can start with the $ 6 billion less. Moreover, we can talk at any time, "said Vâlcov in a telephone interview on Antena 3.

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