A Romanian based in Rumania is making a hemp house

Traditionally used to make fabrics, hemp can be built very easily. This is in any case demonstrated by a Romanian who settled in Canada for a long time and who decided to build a house of this type of brick in the Buzau region. Many volunteers across the country have shown interest in the project, so the unusual construction has already begun to sketch, according to digi24.ro.

Mihaela Spulber has been based in Canada for 17 years and has decided to build a house in her native country. He chose a village in the province of Buzau and a little known technology in Romania, but was increasingly used in the West.

Mihaela Spulber told digi24.ro that "a combination of hemp, lime and water is ideal to build a house first because it does not cost a lot, it is ecological and does not ignite." The mixture is made on site and filled into formwork. that the hemp pile is a by-product of the hemp industry. "

Bricks obtained from shredded hemp strains offer a higher degree of thermal insulation than materials traditionally used in construction. They also do not pollute or fire.

Those who are involved in building the house are happy with the technology. Florin Dumitru, one of the sources cited by the source, said: "at first it was so curious to see what it looked like and I still have some curiosity to see until the end."

The hemp dump is being raised by volunteers from all over the country, who have heard about the project through their owner's Facebook messages.

Anca Negrilă, volunteer: we have been walking for about 3 months and we said we had to let ourselves in, we learned something more. Daniel State, volunteer: I like to be environmentally conscious and environmentally friendly, and I have always been interested in it. Ovidiu Toşa, carpenter: I think about it for two or three years, I am a builder, I am a carpenter, hemp is a product that is becoming revolutionary right now.

The house could be completed next year. 400 hemp bags were purchased for the construction, which cost about 9,000 lei.

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