A senior German official asks Dancila to respond after Pop said that FDGR is the successor of the Nazi

A high German official criticizes and calls the Dancila government an official look at the statements of PSD senator Liviu Pop on Thursday evening, according to which Klaus Iohannis would have led an organization that the & # 39; follower & # 39; from a Nazi group.

The statements were made in an Antena3 show in which Liviu Pop talked about Nazism and claimed that the president "led the German forum, which was the continuation of the group we know was publicly condemned …", reports News.ro.

Repeatedly asked if he refers to the German Democratic Forum, Liviu Pop replied affirmatively, saying that he did not say it, but "others", and he simply reads "from the Net".

"The German ethnic group was a Nazi convict for war crimes in Nuremberg. (…) If the German forum is not the continuation of the German ethnic group, I officially wait for these things, I said what I read from the net"said Liviu Pop.

Bernd Fabritius, the representative of the German federal government for German embassy issues and national minorities, responded Friday and condemned sharp PSD Senatorininuations and demanded a position from the Romanian government.

"A high representative of the ruling Romanian party insults the German minority organization in an unacceptable way (…) For some time now, the German minority in Romania has been slandered in pro-government media and is politically insulted to damage the image of President Klaus Johannis, a member of this minority.

The fact that the attacks are being continued by leading representatives of the ruling, social-democratic, is unacceptable and requires a firm conviction! I asked the Romanian government for a position"said Bernd Fabritius on Friday, on Facebook.

The German official recalled that "recently, The Romanian government has committed itself in the protocol of the bilateral governmental committee for the resolution of the German minority issues, signed in Berlin, to protect the minority against such attacks".

"This commitment must also be confirmed if such attacks are done in their own roles," emphasizes the German official.

And the Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania (FDGR) responded Friday in a statement in which the "normal defamatory debts" of PSD senator Liviu Pop strongly condemned.

According to the quoted source, the FDGR is the legitimate representative of the German minority on the basis of the Romanian constitution and the legislation in force, with a status approved by the courts in Romania and registered in the register of non-governmental organizations.

"We publicly ask PSD, the president, Liviu Dragnea, the president of the Chamber of Deputies and the Prime Minister of Romania, Viorica Vasilica Dancila, to publicize the slander that some members of this party have debited and debts publicly." , said the FDGR press release.

PSD senator Liviu Pop, former Minister of Education, has made other shocking statements in recent days. In a Facebook message, for example, he compared many Western Western partners with cockroaches, including the US and Germany.

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