A teenager died on his way to his girlfriend. The machine in which he sat was in a bridgehead

The accident took place on Sunday, around 4:30 PM, at DN15 A, in the city of Dipsa. In the car there were 5 people from Viile Tecii and on their way to Valea Bargaului.

Within a few kilometers of the house, the car was involved in a serious traffic accident. According to the witnesses, the car entered the viaduct of a Gendarmerie and other cars in a bend and could not recover, because another authorism was approaching. Panic, the driver pulled the steering wheel to the right and hit a bridgehead that tilted violently.

In the most serious condition, a 17-year-old teenager was found in the back seat. It was in the cardio respiratory stop. The medical crew arrived on the ground to apply resuscitation maneuvers for more than an hour, but no result.

"Unfortunately, despite all the efforts of medical crews, the young man of about 17 years old was sentenced to death.The other people in the car were taken over by crews from SMURD and SAJ and transported to UPU SMURD Bistrita for investigation," said Marius Rus, spokesman for ISU Bistrita.

The other people in the car were also injured and one refused to transport to the hospital. The young people went to the Barga Valley where the 17-year-old friend lived and lost his life as a result of the impact.

"In the afternoon, at DN15A, in the city of Dipsa, a serious traffic accident happened and unfortunately a young man lost his life and four others were easily injured." The first on-the-spot checks by road police showed that, amid excessive speed, A 24-year-old from Viile Tecii had lost control of the car he was driving, he got out of the lane where he hit one end of the bridge, the driver had the suspended driver's license and the result was negative due to testing with the This test is conducted to determine all the circumstances in which the event took place by the Road Service police, "said Crina Sirb, IPJ BN spokesman.

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