A young man killed under the eyes of the police, in …

The recording ended tragically close to Timisoara, Friday at lunch. A fierce strike between two men ended with a murder.

A young man was killed by the father-in-law just under the eyes of the police who came to deal with the conflict.

The accident happened in the garden of the father. The two men worked abroad and now he returned to Biled. The son-in-law apparently wanted to take his baby and get separated from his wife, and that aroused the old man's anger.

While men were arguing and threatening, the neighbors called 112 to ask for help, for fear of an accident.

The police came and managed to extinguish the spirits. The lawyers stopped the scandal between their two rivals and placed men on both sides of a fence.

While the officers took the testimonies, blinded by the rage, the father-in-law jumped on the fence, pulled out a knife and stuck it back in the young man's eyes, right under the police.

The attack flashed and everyone was surprised. The battle was very strong, so the son-in-law gave her the last breath in a few moments.

The criminal son, 60 years old, was immediately imprisoned and investigated for murder.

The killer Soccer says he did not want to kill his son-in-law, but that he was afraid of the life of his daughter, with whom the young man had fought and wanted to part.

"I did not want to kill him, we argued." Then he killed my girl, I killed him, but I did not want that, because the child I give, my life ", said the attacker for the opinion of Timisoara .com.

Politicians from the special intervention forces went down to Biled to prevent a possible revenge of the young man's family would be killed.

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