African swine fever is expanding: he reached the farm in Tichileşti, Braila. 35,000 pigs will be killed

About 35,000 pigs in the Tichileşti farm in Braila County will be killed as African swine fever is confirmed there, starting on Friday. Representatives of DSVSA Braila announce that tests are being carried out because there is a suspicion that the virus is also present on the farm in Gropeni, the second largest in Europe.

According to the director of the Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Department (DSVSA) Braila, Gicu Dragan, African swine fever was confirmed in the Tichileşti farm, which has about 35,000 pigs.

A team of three veterinarians, assisted by farm staff, started the campaign with the killing of pigs on Friday, estimated to be around three weeks.

According to the representative of DSVSA Braila, the national reference laboratory of SC Tebu Consulting is currently working in Gropeni, where three farms live between 135,000 and 140,000 pigs, this is the second farm in Europe.

Tests in Braila were positive, but according to the procedure it must be done in the national reference laboratory, which makes clear whether it is an African swine fever or not.

"At the moment we have a suspicion at SC Tebu Consulting, where there are between 135,000 and 140,000 pigs, there are three farms and in the morning we sent the samples to the reference laboratory, probably tomorrow morning we have the results." is the second farm in Europe, the disaster is very big, I have no words ", says DSVSA Braila, Gicu Dragan, director of the DSVSA Braila.

The quoted source added that in Brăila up to now 29,736 animals have been sacrificed with 34 outbreaks.

"Apart from households, we have a plague in Tichileşti, on the farm and in two other farms: of one 504 pigs were slaughtered, of another 1.541. In total, nearly 30,000 animals were killed," Dragan said.

Head of DSVSA Braila is of the opinion that the African swine fever virus has reached Tichileşti from the Donauwater, where the unit supplies.

"And the farms of Tichileşti and Gropeni provide water from the Danube." They are unconscious people throwing pig carcasses into the Danube, and yesterday morning a pig carcass was fished on the Lipova beach between Brăila and Galati. unconscious for what is happening now on the farms in Braila, "said the head of DSVSA Braila.

According to the quoted source, Brăila was the second district after Timişoara, before African swine fever, in relation to the number of pigs raised on farms and households.

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