African swine fever is expanding to a new province

The swine fever was confirmed in the province of Buzau, the provincial authorities announced on Sunday in the County Emergency Committee. Two outbreaks were confirmed by the national reference laboratory in two households in the villages of Pănătău and Lunca, a suspicion that also occurs in another household in the district of Buzău, informs

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The swine fever was confirmed on Sunday morning, after analyzes in the national reference laboratory, in two households in the village of Lunca-Pătâragele and Pănătău, in pigs from two households in the two places, the director of the Sanitary Veterinary Directorate and Food Safety Buzau, Ciprian Botezatu.

A suspicion of swine fever is also in another household in Pănătău, about 300 meters from where the disease was confirmed, and the results of laboratory tests are expected in the course of the month.

According to the authorities in Buzoi, the disease would have occurred after a month ago in a hamlet in Pănătău, people from the Tulcea village of Frecatea, one of the first areas where the swine fever virus was discovered. Although he had not brought food from Frecce after the visit, the Pănătău family offered a pig that showed signs of illness. A pulp from the slaughtered animal was brought to Lunca, Pătârlagele, for consumption to the relatives of the Pănătău family.

The prefect of the province of Buzau described the gesture as "unconscious".

"We have a confirmed swine fever because of a neglect of the population who have not taken steps to protect themselves, although we are aware that in neighboring provinces we are surrounded by plagues, people are unconscious, if we do not know how to take our safety measures Because we are close to Braila, Ialomita, Ilfov, where swine fever is, if we do not take into account the measures imposed by the authorities, that's where it comes from. It's a pity that after all the measures that if we have not taken disease, it is unfortunate to get an unconscious from the areas of disease, "said Prefect of Buzau, Carmen Ichim, to the County Emergency Committee.

She said, at the end of the County Emergency Committee, that no slaughter of all pigs will be used, but that concrete measures will be taken in isolated areas, with two small outbreaks.

"At the moment we have two confirmed outbreaks in Buzau County, I want to tell people to trust the state institutions, that we will do our best to minimize the damage, and there will be no mass slaughter of all pigs, as in other provinces, we will take concrete measures in isolated areas, "said Prefect of Buzau, Carmen Ichim.

The director of DSVSA Buzau, Ciprian Botezatu, said in turn that these are small outbreaks and that the measures that will be taken will not be extended.

"Measures have already been taken and will take place in the course of this day, people will no longer be allowed to travel with animals, not even with the meat bag, to give it a gift from one side to the other, or people in the focus area. Do not sacrifice animals for their own consumption.The virus is resistant to freezing.It is possible that when the meat is defrosted, it reinstalls.We will put disinfectants on the road, households where the disease is confirmed, can be easily controlled. We are not guilty of this situation, but we will do our best to manage things better so that the plague is not extended to Buzau, "said DSVSA Buzau.


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