Agglomeration A1 and A2 towards capital. Traffic shots caught in the helicopter

Road traffic is busy Sunday on the motorway A1 Pitesti – Bucharest, on the way to the capital and at the entrance of Bucharest. Traffic is also very difficult in the Prahova Valley, where piles of cars have formed

Increased traffic levels are also on the A2, direction Bucharest

According to the infotainment center of the Romanian police trafficking is difficult 12 – 10 kilometers long section of A1 Pitesti – Bucharest, on the way to the capital, due to the number of cars.

The traffic is also crowded in the Prahova Valley and moves in the column at the descent of the border with the province Braşov to 131 km in Buşteni. The speed is 10-15 km / h, higher in the center of the resort, 30-35 km / h, where the policemen act for the fluidization of traffic

In Comarnic and Sinaia traffic is intense in both directions, but it circulates without problems, says Infotrafic.

Policemen advise drivers to exercise carefully, to preserve the legal distance, not to make risky bursts and to signal for the change of direction

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