Ambulance on mission involved in an accident in the Olt Valley. One person was easily injured

An ambulance in the mission, which activated the clear and acoustic signals, was Saturday involved in a traffic accident in the Olt Valley, in the area of ​​Robesti. A car that ran in front of the car turned left to enter a petrol station. Trade in the area of ​​the accident is blocked and a person is easily injured.

Infotrafic Center reports that on Saturday an ambulance on mission was involved in a traffic accident at Valea Oltului, in Robesti.

"After the event, a person was slightly injured, "Infotrafic said, explaining that traffic had been blocked.

The county police representatives said the ambulance had started with acoustic and luminous signals, but a car driving in the direction of Brezoi-Sibiu turned left to enter a petrol station.

Police officers also reported that the patient who was being transported by the ambulance involved in the accident was taken over by another ambulance.


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