An old man has found a WALK WITH MONEY. WHAT he did with EI

The woman said she was on her way to a funeral and was attracted by a gold chain attached to a wallet. The woman thought his wallet would be useful if someone else no longer needed it. On the way home, the woman once stopped in the ghene, writes The Truth.

Then he saw a bag, so he decided to take her home. The woman says she has opened the money there at the pub and that she has seen the money.

"It was a big pile, I did not even know how many there were, many of them, I took the piles, and with the money in my hand I went home, neither I nor my daughter could count them. When I arrived, I placed ten million stacks and counted them, there were two hundred and eight hundred million, I thought somebody threw his bag and did not know what it was, tell me I can not touch the money that it's too big. five million, ten million, let's go, but that was too much, what do you have to do to a baby like me with so much money? I asked for his phone and I called Marus, Marus is the chief of the police here in the town. a girl and did an oral interview, "the woman said.

The woman said that the two young men who wrongly threw the moneybag, visited her and brought him juice and cakes and offered him five million (five hundred slate) as thanks. Although the pay is equal to the woman's pension, she says that she does and does not have to keep the money she has found.

"These were the child money and they were about to come back.That is what they left behind from the wedding, with them they are going to live," said Floarea Dragan.

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