As the pedagogical publisher explains the hundreds of thousands of manuals for mistakes for students from the sixth grade

The last manual that was & # 39; hacked & # 39; is that of history, which contains both content and editing errors. For example, the name of Michelangelo is misspelled (Buonarotti instead of Buonarroti) and "God invested the kings" instead of invested. Reference is also made to applications that do not relate to the subject in question. Specifically, on page 18, after talking about Inca and the great Inca, reference is made to an application on page 19 that refers to Christopher Columbus and the Aztecs, not to the Inca & # 39; s.

At the same time, different terms are misinterpreted, the history teachers are brought to the attention. The word & # 39; heresy & # 39; for example, is interpreted as & # 39; Disbelief & # 39 ;, while it actually means a wrong, crooked, changed belief.

Another mistake that the historians' guild notes is that many historical sources have been created by the author. This is very serious, they add. Why? The purpose of the manual is to familiarize students with original historical sources, not with modifications made by the authors. Equally serious is that for some of the historical writings the author or the title of the quoted work is not specified.

Maria Mihaela Nistor, general manager of the Didactic and Pedagogical Publishing House, recently told Digi24: "There are two typing errors The editor is held responsible, but we are still talking about one typeface The fact that certain themes are from point of view is still insufficiently treated, seems to me to be a personal opinion. "

Turnu Magurele, placed on the site of Drobeta Turnu Severin

Instead, several teachers have reported sign / typing errors in the Geography Handbook, especially on maps. Turnu Magurele (Teleorman County) is located on the site of Drobeta Turnu Severin (Mehedinti district) and the Dead Sea is placed instead of the Red Sea. At the same time, South Sudan is not shown on a map, although it has become an independent country since 2011, and the Ascension island is misspelled as & # 39; Asuncion & # 39 ;, thus confusing the capital of Paraguay. But the list of errors is much longer for both manuals.

Until the publication of the article, the Ministry of Education made no mention, except for solutions to errors in the Geography manual. That is why the institution has reported that an eradication will be carried out, which will be sent to schools together with the incorrectly placed manual. The Ministry will also start an investigation to see in which phase of the manual making process these errors have occurred, which can be completed by acting in the courts of the authors / editors / manual evaluators.

On the other hand, Professor Dorin Fiscutean, one of the authors of the EDP's unique Geography Handbook, told Hotnews that, at least in terms of the Geography Manual, errors are not caused by the author, but by the publisher. "The errors are in the graphical representation, exactly where the editors of the publishing house have asked us for elements and changed everything," said Professor Fiscutean, who added that EDP had made a lot of progress in making the manual and not giving it to the authors for analysis of the last variant.

"A new procedure introduced this year to handle the list of winners"

The same is supported by Ana Munteanu, chairman of the School Book Association. "Most errors are on the cards, so the mistake lies with the technician or graphic designer, which is why it is clear that the Didactic and Pedagogical Publishing House should be held responsible, and the copyright law stipulates that the author must submit the manual in the The final version should see and have enough time to see all the errors All writers happen to have errors The problem was that the whole process was fast, and that is because EDP did not know how to organize itself. not enough staff to edit all textbooks and the new school year is knocking at the door, "Munteanu explained.

Stan Stoica, professor of history, says that there is blurring in the manual validation procedure. "I am one of the authors of history books who have passed the evaluation with a score of more than 90 points, together with three other authors, so four guides were validated by the evaluators (selected by the Ministry of Education), all of which went further than the didactic and scientific evaluation It is worth noting that at that stage the authors were not known, then the manuals had to receive the scientific opinion This is a new procedure introduced this year to handle the list of winners. Well, it has no criteria, can not be challenged and now the candidates are known.

Moreover, the scientific advice is not necessary, since the scientific part is analyzed by the evaluators. Of the four books of history, only one received the scientific opinion, so that he could go to the editors. This is because the Ministry of Education has promised three manuals for each discipline. This decision can only be explained by the fact that EDP is unable to process three textbooks, and then they wanted to save the workload, "concludes Stoica.

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