AUTO TAX 2018. Drivable Drills! This error can cost you a lot

Important announcement for drivers in Romania! According to the authorities, from 1 September onwards, drivers will no longer be able to claim the first registration tax, the environmental rule, the special tax for cars or the tax on pollution.

TAXA AUTO 2018. The deadline of 31 August was imposed last year after Romania was sentenced to the European Court of Justice. The European Court ruled that EU countries have the right to introduce taxes, but that the method chosen by the Romanian authorities was discriminatory, because some taxpayers were forced to pay while others did not.

TAXA AUTO 2018. If you do not want problems when it comes to restitution car taxYou must mention a bank account in your application. Otherwise the file will be rejected. Not mentioning a bank account in the application ensures that the authorities refuse the refund car taxas evidenced by the procedural rules for the reimbursement of amounts. At the same time, there are other reasons why requests can be rejected.

What conditions must you meet to earn the money? car tax

TAXA AUTO 2018. According to the rules, the tax authorities will refuse the refund of the money by the claimant car tax in the following situations, according to

  • if the copies of the vehicle ID card and the registration certificate are not presented or if the information and documents requested by the tax authority are not submitted within 60 days of the request;
  • if the bank account of which the amount due is to be repaid is not stated in the request for reimbursement;
  • if the tax authority notes that the amount has already been reimbursed or compensated by other tax liabilities;
  • unless proof of payment is found in the registers of the tax authorities or the Treasury.

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