BAC 2018 Autumn session. Exam written in Romanian language and literature

Exam in Romanian during the autumn session BAC 2018 starts at 9.00. Students can enter the examination rooms at 8.30 am at the latest. From the moment everyone in the space gets the subjects, the candidates have three hours to solve the topics.

Baccalaureate 2018 – autumn session starts with written tests:

  • August 20 – Romanian language and literature;
  • August 21 – Mother tongue and literature;
  • August 22 – mandatory profile and August 23: sample of profile and specialization.

Rules for the Romanian language examination at the autumn session BAC 2018

Students may enter the exam centers to the samples written in the interval 7:30 – 8:30based on a valid photo ID. They have three hours to solve the topics, from the moment everyone in the room gets the subjects.

Candidates may use when solving the subjects only ink or blue paste.

Students are not allowed in the examination room with textbooks, dictionaries, notes, notes that can be used for solving topics, or with mobile phones or other electronic computer / communication.

At the same time candidates are forbidden to communicate with each other or outside, to exchange or exchange worksheets, concepts, notes or other materials that can be used to solve the topics, for communication inside or outside.

Those who are surprised in these situations are removed from the exam, regardless of whether or not the banned materials / objects have been usedirrespective of whether they have been introduced by them or by other candidates, teachers of the committee or other persons and whether they have received or sent the prohibited material.

Topics BAC 2018 on Romanian language and literature

During the summer session of the BAC 2018 exam, the 12th degree graduates had the third lyrical subject. Those from the real have opted for poems from the works of Mihai Eminescu and Tudor Arghezi. In the human profile, the authors who went to the third course in the Romanian language and literature were Ion Barbu or Lucian Blaga.

Baccalaureate 2018 – autumn session, with results:

The first results, exam centers and are planned for 1 September (until 12 noon).

On the same day, objections can be filed between 12:00 and 16:00. The final results will be released on 6 September.

To qualify as a graduate, a high school graduate must meet the following cumulative conditions: to support all linguistic and digital competence assessment tests; to support all written tests and to get the figure 5.00 for each of them and the overall average to be at least 6.00.

The Ministry of National Education (MEN) offers the TELVERDE line (0800801100) to report irregularities in the exam. This is available from 20 to 23 August, from 8:00 to 16:00 and on Friday 24 August from 08:00 to 14:00.

The general rate for obtaining the baccalaureate summer examination after participants, including graduates from previous promotions, is 69.7%, an increase of 67.7%.

For example, after the first session, 86,162 candidates from a total of 123,619 candidates were promoted.

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