BAC autumn memory 2018. What a young man from the poem "Lead & # 39 ;," written by George Bacovia

BAC autumn memory 2018. More than 45,000 candidates support the second session of the baccalaureate from Monday.

BAC autumn memory 2018. Emotions began with the written test of the Romanian language and literature, and the graduates had to present the main subject of the literary universe of Bacovia or Lucian Blaga. Many have admitted, however, that they have not prepared much this summer. They worked, went to the sea or just stayed.

BAC autumn memory 2018. In the exam center "Viilor" in the capital, the first candidates came out immediately after one and a half hours, the mandatory time with the subjects at the front.

news reporter – What did you mean in the poem "Plumb"?

pupil: – It is ultimately about death, sorrow, about the weight of the soul. More like in daily life.

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"Bacovia is an author who speaks loudly about loneliness. The theme of the text is death. He tells us about his event at the cemetery, that he was alone, that he was very sad. He was alone in the hollow, I know he uses the word "lead" very often, it is a difficult word and therefore we are very inspired by the feeling of grief, death"Says a student.

BAC autumn memory 2018

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news reporter – What did you write Blaga?

pupil: – Well, I did not, I did not write anything.

news reporter – Do you think your exam will be done?

pupil: – Yes, I did the perfect 1 and 2.

news reporter – How are you ready in the fall for the BAC?

pupil: – Not at all.

BAC autumn memory 2018. In less than two hours almost all candidates left the research room, many without resolving the main subject. In total, more than 45,000 young people take part in this Baccalaureate session, of which 28,000 are graduates of the current promotion.

BAC autumn memory 2018. When it comes to their future, these young people have totally different plans.

news reporter – What would you want to do?

pupil: – What should I do? I do not know. Leave me for nothing.

Other candidate: – I take business or go study.

news reporter – What do you want to do?

Other candidate: – I do not know. I would open a gaming agency, a casino, something to earn money for.

"I would like to go to the police because the salary is good enough, we can retire earlier than the others and we work on the state, that is, we have free Friday, Saturday and Sunday at home"Is a student.

BAC autumn memory 2018

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BAC autumn memory 2018. The second session of the baccalaureate continues on Tuesday with the mother tongue, on Wednesday with the compulsory mathematics or history test and on Thursday with a sample of the choice of the profile. And the results are displayed on September 1st.

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