beaten and killed with the car

Judicial sources have revealed to the "Evenimentul Zilei" that the crime took place around 1.30 am in the Bora area, a border area of ​​Slobozia. The deputy prosecutor at the Slobozia office, Viorica Dinu, confirmed to EVZ that in this case a criminal case was opened for murder. "Research is still needed to determine the circumstances in which the deed was committed", said the public prosecutor. Judicial sources have revealed that the authors were identified and at the time of the closing of the edition some of the suspects and witnesses were heard at the police headquarters in Slobozia.

It seems that the murderer and the victim's driver would have been an older conflict. The man accused of murder would have waited for his rival on the street where he lived, and when he approached the house, the five accomplices would have fought him. As a result of the strokes, the interlead lost consciousness and fell in the middle of the street. Then the person who had the aggression hit him in the car by driving and immediately killing him.

A witness who has seen the scene 112. Doctors came to the scene and resumed maneuvers for 50 minutes, but were unable to do anything and declared death.

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