Bianca Dragusanu says everything about Victor

Bianca Dragusanu says everything about the relationship with Victor Slav. The two were not often surprised together, even after the break up. They said they would have a nice relationship and as close as possible to their little girl, Sofia, but their appearance is more than suspicious.

Former television channels said they would both be involved in raising their girlfriend. Bianca is currently in a tumultuous relationship with a foreign hunter, Tristan Tate. The relationship of the blonde is extremely complicated, but she knows how to share her time and not to let her daughter feel.

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Bianca Dragusanu says everything about Victor

Blondina and Victor Slav were married, divorced and then they did little Sofia. Some time ago they decided to take separate roads. Bianca has kept Tristan Tate, a foreign hunter, and Victor Slav has just become the sexiest bachelor. "We did not have fun, as it was meant to be, but we went to Deva, our grandparent's grandmother, our little girl spent two weeks there, picking cranberries and blackberries, as is the case in summer. normally to do this, we are civilized people! We both love our child very much and try as much as possible to grow it together, it is of course "said Bianca Dragusanu.

The star also revealed how little Sofia tells her, but also how she calls her father. It seems that they both manage to maintain a relationship that their little girl does not influence so far. "I am glad that I now have more time for me and Sofia, I love her very much and I feel my soul break when I leave home and she holds me the dress and tells me: "Do not go, mama … Bank, not the pec …". That is what she says to me: "Bank", not "Bianca". Then when "Daddy Vantur" comes in, he tells him, not Victor, he prays the same thing with her big eyes … "Dad, not the baker, not the baker!" You will not even leave it. It's great, and we both really care about it, "she told the former showgirl of the wedding show:" I want you to lie. "

The relationship between Bianca Dragusanu and Victor Slav

Blondina was born in Hunedoara on March 6, 1982 in Hunedoara. Former presenters were civilized on September 6, 2013, at the Marital Status of Sector 3 in Bucharest. The wedding was the same year on September 29th. They enjoyed the famous natives, Nicoleta Luciu and her husband, Zsolt Csergo. Unfortunately, their corn did not take them, so it did not take long. They divorced only a few months after they became husband and wife. It was amazing that their relationship was much better than before marriage, so they resume it in secret.

The blonde has made everything public after things have started to look better together. Their little girl, Sofia Natalia, came to the world on September 26, 2016. She currently has a sewing workshop that works better than ever. Now, without the wedding show where he accommodates the place, he is strictly responsible for the workshop. Vedetei seems to be getting better by speculating that he is making good money from his dresses, but also from the immature contracts with which he is paid very well.
Andreea Mantea, former presenter of the Wowbizz evening show, was at the helm of his previous show.

For what other activities is Bianca Dragusanu planning?

In a relationship with his father's father, Victor Slavius, he admitted that he had never taken gifts, and that gave him the opportunity to come up with a business."Victor never makes gifts to me, I buy all my clothes personally and especially the shoes, in my case it's harder with shoes, because I have a lot of legs, 41, and I do not find anything, and if I'm lucky to see the right shoe products, they do not give out a number, for example I buy from a famous site, the know-how I know, 8-9, even 10 pairs at once, of which 7 are good, 3 not because they do not have everything on photo & I've recently ordered a pair of shoes that are not with me and I'm sorry they're not even cheap and stuck with the money! ", Bianca drew in the past.


Bianca Dragusanu says everything about the relationship with Victor Slav

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