Braila: swine fever, confirmed on the second largest farm in Europe. 140,000 pigs are euthanized – essential

African swine fever was confirmed on Saturday at the largest pig farm in Romania and the second largest in Europe, the complex in Gropeni, Braila County, which houses almost 140,000 pigs. All farm animals are euthanised, reports Mediafax.

Initially, the presence of African swine fever was confirmed by a veterinary laboratory in Braila, but prior confirmation of the virus also required confirmation from the National Reference Laboratory in Bucharest.

The results of the analyzes in the capital came Saturday and confirmed the infection with the African swine fever virus on the farm in Gropeni, Braila County.

For example, all pigs on the farm, about 140,000 animals, will be euthanised and the operation will begin on Monday, with preparations due to the very large number of animals to be slaughtered.

Confirmation by Gropeni takes place shortly after the virus was confirmed in another complex in Braila County, where 35,000 pigs were present.

The authorities say that swine fever has traversed large farms through water contaminated by dead pigs thrown into the Danube.

"I think that animal diseases on these farms are caused by water, both companies are supplied with water from the Danube Including Thursday, he was a carcass of pigs that was fished on the Lipova beach between Brăila and Galati. the bodies thrown into the Danube are what happens in these farms in Brăila County, "said the director of the Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Division (DSVSA) Brăila, Gicu Dragan.

Because of the swine fever that broke up in the large farms in Braila County, the economic losses are enormous, hundreds of people have no work and companies that have contracts with pig farmers go bankrupt.

"I cry to slaughter tens of thousands of animals, I do not know if you're doing that, it's different on that side of the fence, the loss is huge, millions of euros." The farm is already closed. , including myself, the virus is very aggressive, destroying animal husbandry, a good piece has already been destroyed, I suspect that the whole of the southeast of our country is on the ground and will still be lying on the ground, "said Alexandru Dumitrescu. , former head of the pig farm in Tichileşti.

So far, 34 outbreaks of African swine fever have been confirmed in Brăila County in households and commercial farms, with more than 30,000 pigs already euthanized by veterinarians.

By the end of the campaign, about 200,000 pigs will be killed, while more than 600 people working on pig farms affected by swine fever will lose their jobs.

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