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The Romanian City Hall has initiated and organized the future of the future
school campaign " I help you learn ", for good students at school,
with their domicile in the municipality and with a precarious financial situation,
this year at the fifth edition. " The beginning of the school year
is a difficult moment for the families of these students, being
to incur substantial costs for the preparation of children
for the new year of education. So we have received addresses from
the units of study in the Roman congregation, as follows:
Vasile Alecsandri Secondary School, Mihai School of Gymnasium
Eminescu, Gymnasium School Alexandru Ioan Cuza, School
High school Calistrat Hogaş, high school Sergiu Celibidache,
National Roman Voda College, Vasile Sav Technology College,
Petru Poni Technical College, the Danubian Technical College, the College
Technical Miron Costin, sports high school, theological high school
Bishop Melchizedek, holy Roman Catholic theological high school
Francis de Assisi. Government support was requested
local to help with strollers / bags equipped with stationery
training on well-trained Romanian students, but whose families are
faced with financial problems. The local public administration
supports students who are in financial difficulties, who
are domiciled in the city of Rome, and find it opportune
purchase of school bags / bags equipped with school supplies
for these students, according to the requests of the educational institutions
"said Lucian Micu, mayor of the municipality
Novel. Local councils were therefore asked to approve the allocation
of the local budget of 28,000 lei for the purchase of
school bags / school bags equipped with school supplies for the school year
2018-2019, for good school students domiciled in
Roman municipality, which has a bad financial situation, according to

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