"Butcher" in Satu Mare, sentenced to life imprisonment

Magistrates have agreed to the request of prosecutors who in this case have demanded the worst penalty provided by the Criminal Code in Romania. Razvan Rentea was arrested on 28 November 2017 for the murder of his parents Gheorghe Rentea – 59 years old and Niculina Rentea – 56 years old, and his grandmother Viorica Apan – 80 years old. The crimes took place on the evening of November 23, 2017 and were discovered by the neighbors the next morning.

The prosecution of the prosecutor shows that Răzvan Rentea killed his family with a hammer to beat the snakes, and the mass of crimes would have been the refusal of parents to pay him the big debts their son had, a gambling game .

Razvan Rentea was picked up by police officers, even at the funeral of his parents. The 34-year-old worked at ISU Satu Mare. He was an important sergeant in reserve and would have been thrown out twice for theft. In 2016 he again participated in the competition, but was declared psychologically inappropriate.

He worked as a waiter, but he was without work again. He would have argued with his parents about an apartment owned by his family in Satu Mare. My mother worked for Finance in the city and her father was in charge of agriculture.

Răzvan Rentea considers himself innocent and says that he will file a complaint with the ECHR about the way in which he has dealt with the detention conditions. On 17 August, at the last deadline, before the verdict, Razvan Rentea told the court:"I see that I have been accused, for life condemned.well, ten lives, no life!" The verdict made at the Satu Mare Tribunal on Thursday is not final, but with a right of appeal to the court of appeal of Oradea.

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