CEx has once again demonstrated that PSD is the most democratic party in Romania

Minister of Defense Mihai Fifor, PSD Vice-President, said that "the National Executive Committee has once again demonstrated that the Social Democratic Party is not only the most powerful but also the most democratic party in Romania, where differences of opinion are respected and listened to, and important decisions are taken together. "He also says that no matter how much the opponents of the party would try to launch the idea of ​​a split into public space by interpreting differences of opinion as partisans trying to pick up schisms, fragments or interruptions of PSD. call, "their plan has been over and over again," News.ro says.

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"The PSD National Executive Committee has once again shown that the Social Democratic Party is not only the most powerful but also the most democratic party in Romania, where disagreements are respected and heard and important decisions are taken together, as much as our opponents strive to enter into the public. space to launch the idea of ​​divisiveness by interpreting differences of opinion as partisans trying to cause schisms, fragments or interruptions of the PSD, their plan is nullified again, and in the PSD people even have opinions that they have unlimited Most likely our opponents have the impression that if they apply fist policy in the mouth, such an approach applies to all other political forces, there is no such thing as PSD, "Fifor wrote Sunday morning on Facebook.

He also argues that the PSD approach is that of constructively expressed ideas and consensus decisions, as was the case with the National Executive Committee.

"We have analyzed the governance program and the measures we need to take to implement it, the decisions we will take and the strategic directions of action, such as a possible candidate common PSD-ALDE in the presidential election." Romania needs a dedicated President to fulfill the role of the constitution, to act in the interests of the citizens, not to divide them.The social-democratic party is well governed by the figures published by the domestic institutions and by the international rating agencies that are published, "added the Minister of Defense.

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A similar message was also sent by Facebook on Saturday to deputy Claudiu Manda, chairman of the SRI Control Commission, who stated that "no responsible colleague will accept to supply ammunition to political enemies." He also argued that the PSD is "the most democratic party in Romania" and that the CEx has been dismantled "and the legend that we operate under a dictatorship and that President Liviu Dragnea imposes his ideas in a totalitarian way."

On the other hand, former Prime Minister Mihai Tudose declared at the end of the meeting of the PSD National Executive Committee that the party is "a moment of bending, tensions have arisen, some things have been said."

"If someone comes and says that everything is in order in the party, that the tulip has flourished in the glastry, that the sun is in the window, it is not," said Tudose.

The Social Democrats met in Neputun on Saturday at a meeting of the National Executive Committee, which lasted about six hours, and where the mayor of Bucharest, Gabriela Firea, made serious accusations to Interior Minister Carmen Dan, requested dismissal, but the proposal was rejected.

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Gabriela Firea said at the end of the CExN that she had sent her colleagues a message from European Commissioner Corina Creţu, who said that EC President Jean-Claude Juncker and European Commissioners are worried about the situation in Romania and what happened on 10 August. She said that in the context in which she passed on the concerns in Brussels and the fact that the EU President would send a message on 18 September, at the PSD meeting, Minister Viorel Carmen Dan said that the responsibility of the prefect tried to endure ", essentially the public image of President Dragnea who proposed to save it." Firea also made serious accusations to Carmen Dan with the announcement that it concerned printed messages with discussions between the prefect of the capital of Speranţa Cliseru and the state secretaries in the MIA. Firea said that the Minister of Home Affairs had a personal problem with her and Clper's Hope, which he insulted.

Firea also said that the relationship between her and PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea is tense and that although she hopes to solve it, it is unlikely because Dragnea Carmen Dan does not want to change the position of Interior Minister.

PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea argued during the conflict between the Mayor of Gabriel Firea and Interior Minister Carmen Dan about violence at the meeting of 10 August that she understands the upset of Gabriele Firea, but does not agree with her. Dragnea said that her support for Carmen Dan is less important, and that the fact that the ECx meeting has chosen almost unanimously for the Minister of Home Affairs not to be fired is the proof that this should no longer be questioned. The PSD leader has emphasized that he hopes Firea will be upset, but that "talking about the prefect is three hours a lot".


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