Cheap Theater Hit! When Dragnea was chased by assassins, an oligarch was also on the verge of liquidation

After the murderers, housed under the luxury of an employer, the PSD leader took a look at the action. however, Dragnea proved difficult to kill, play and escape to look like in movies. In a narrow street he sat in the middle, closed in front and behind by a car.

"A few days later I was in the area of ​​September 13, in a rather narrow street. A car in front, a car in the back and they tried to open the car door. I managed to get away, to lose them "said Dragnea.

War of the eyes

There is also the story of the previous days, in which the social-democratic leader and his young Irina, beloved, were harassed: on country roads (her) and in places (he). That, after written threats, because that form existed. Haters or murderers (with an uncertain origin) have made extensive descriptions of the liquidation plans of Dragnea. "… How will I be killed, what will my family be, my relatives, the idea was that I just had to disappear", the politician confessed. He put everything to the rage that he won the elections, and some lost. The pressure grew in March, when physical intimidation began to emerge, which became more aggressive than ever. "I notice that I am being watched with some urgency, that I am filthy, haunted. Almost every time I was followed by a car. Over time, I began to notice people who were fond of me, who did their best to make me see them. All the time there were other individuals, they gestured, took their finger around their throats, from April. I attracted the attention of my friend, Irina, she noticed that she was also being watched. It was clear that there was pressure on me, "said Dragnea, because they did not prove it, the killers changed their tactics." I was in a restaurant, a few meters away from me, one of them gave a hand, a picked up the phone and closed the phone, they left, "the politician says.Then the episode happened on the street and for the time being it seems that the hired killers were withdrawn.

Dragnea does not trust the state institutions

The third man in the state has not informed the competent institutions of the reason most simple people have put forward: he does not trust the state institutions. And because he is not afraid of death, he told her to drop. "Because I did not trust (to mention – nr), I have filed a criminal complaint with Mr Mircea Marian, who is urging the world to come to my home, and I have not received anything until today. is what I did, I think in February, and why are you still doing one? Should I file a request with the public prosecutor and the prosecution to do nothing? I have not received anything from the Public Prosecution Service, even to the Today's day, sir, no research has been done, "said Liviu Dragnea calmly. He added that he and his girlfriend are still being watched, but this time it is a harmless mission. "I have, this time, a car that is after me. After Irina drove a car, she was in the country, even went to the village. I have not made these statements to ask public opinion to believe me ", explained Liviu Dragnea. The politician, however, did not say why he made these confessions now, but he is brave and does not demand security from the state, and private security has no money.

What did "Daddy from PSD" do in March-April 2017, when the murderers blamed him

● The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Liviu Dragnea, was in charge of a Romanian parliamentary delegation for three days in Israel (4-6 March) who had high-level contacts in Israeli policy. He also had a private conversation with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

● Dragnea was in full swing on 28 March. The Supreme Court has asked the DNA to explain whether the accusations against suspects Liviu Dragnea, Bombonica (former wife) and employees of Teleorman Social Protection are enforced if the CCR decision on abuse is applicable.

● In May, when PSD leaders were supposed to learn about the assassination assault on Dragnea (according to Codrin Ştefănescu's statement), Liviu Pleşoianu criticized him on his Facebook page. He mercilessly presented a short list of inconsistencies & # 39; from his party leader, Liviu Dragnea. Pleşoianu argued that if he criticized others for their initiatives, it would not be wrong for Dragnea to analyze their own "inconsistencies" and their negative impact on Romania.

● On 20 April, Liviu Dragnea presented the results of 100 days of government in complete danger.

● An assassination attempt was written in our press in April 2017, but it had happened in the Republic of Moldova and the responses were similar to those of Liviu Dragnea, although the state institutions jumped with confirmations. It has been argued that the murder of the leader of the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM), the oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc, has been tried. Then the authorities of Chisinau announced that they had dethroned the plan with the help of the Ukrainian colleagues, one of the organizers of the murder conquered in Kiev, according to The price paid to Vlad Plahotniuc was 200 thousand euros.

Possible scenario for the large disclosure

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