CODE YELLOW due to rain, storm and hail. See areas …

CODE YELLOW, valid from 19:30 to 20:30

Nearby: County HarghitaToplita, Ditrau, Remetea, Joseni, Ciumani, Sarmas, Lazarea, Borsec, Bilbor, Galautas, Subcetate;

Signals show: 25-30 l / m 2 banks, electric discharges, short wind intensities and small hail

CODE YELLOW, valid from 18.30 to 19.30

Nearby: County Braşov: Rupea, Racos, Homorod, Cat;
Mureş Municipality: Gorneşti, Nirajului Miercurea, Sângeorgiu de Pădure, Fântânele, Bălăuşeri, Ernei, Acăţari, Eremitu, Ghindari, Galesti, Petelea, Beica de Jos, Păsăreni, Vărgata, Chiheru de Jos, Livezeni, Veţca;

There will be signs that accumulate between 25-30 l / m², electric discharge, short wind intensities and small hail.

Hydrologists have issued new warnings Yellow code of floods that are valid in the coming hours on rivers in seven provinces.

According to the National Institute for Hydrology and Water Management (INHGA), until 11 pm, As a result of recorded precipitation, prediction and dispersion, significant leaks may occur on slopes, mountain streams, streams, rapid flooding on small rivers with possible local flooding, and increase in currents and levels with possible exceedances of Ratio & # 39; s on Rivers. the Mureş basin – the confluence with the Comlod river, the provinces of Mureş and Harghita.

At the same time, the same phenomena are predicted until 10 pm, on the small rivers in the Bistrita river basins – the upper river basin, Moldova – the upper river basin and the middle river rivers, Suceava – the upper upstream basin S.H. Brodina, Suceava County, Olt – the afferents for the downstream S.H. Feldioara – amonte S.H. Hoghiz, the provinces of Harghita, Covasna and Brasov, Viseu, the district of Maramureş, Someşul Mare – customers of the upstream sector S.H. Beclean, Bistrita – Nasaud county.

Hydrologists also warn that dangerous hydrological phenomena can occur with a higher probability and intensity on some small rivers in the water basins of Tătarca, Cormos and Ruscova.

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