Dan Nica, threatened with death. He called for the establishment of a parliamentary committee

PSD MP Dan Nica said that this parliamentary committee is necessary because a number of democratic boundaries have been overcome in this political war. "Even before the protests, President Iohannis launched a series of harsh accusations against the gendarmerie, for lack of any evidence and operational information.This fact indicates bad will and the obvious desire to further stimulate the existing violence" said Nica. He added that the escalation of the conflict would yield election profits for President Iohannis.

Governments do not change because of street violence

In short, Minister of Defense Mihai Fifor said that Dan Nica was threatened with death after these statements. Fifor, vice-president of the PSD for the West, has reinforced Nica's allegations and said the PSD-ALDE alliance should not decide in 2019. Moreover, Fifor is not the only death threat for PSD members.

"Why is this despair that PSD-ALDE will not rule in 2019, the election year for the European Parliament and the Romanian presidency These are all questions that require immediate answers, as both the Romanians and the international community to know the truth … The commission must be assembled immediately Governments change by parliamentary majority as a result of a democratic vote and not by street violence, "wrote Fifor yesterday morning on a socializing account.

The PSD leader added that from 11 August a real fake news campaign was launched, including in the international press. "Several statements from representatives of European Social Democratic parties have been used to reinforce the argument that these parties condemn the Romanian authorities, in fact these positions were not and are not official." Fifor claims.

I contacted several PSD leaders, but they did not want to comment on the proposal to set up this committee, but said they would discuss their return on vacation.

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