Dance, advice for the opposition: win the confidence of Romanians through projects, not through prison – essential

Premier Viorica Dăncilă delivered Friday a PSD youth school and a message to opposition politicians, who advised them to win the confidence of the Romanians through projects, & # 39; not by migraine & # 39 ;.

"I ask the question that many of my colleagues, who have to leave Romania, are in the hands of a party that wants to demolish the government with criminal complaints, which would rather circulate in the state institutions, circulate in Parliament. people who lead us in the right direction? A recommendation from the Prime Minister and PSD President, dear opposition colleagues, you gain the confidence of Romanians through projects, by what you do for them, the confidence of the Romanians is not won by perpetrators If you think you can get government in an undemocratic way, you're wrong. & # 39;

Dăncilă also said that he has the strength and determination, the support of the party and the coalition, to continue as prime minister, and has no reason to step back.

Dăncilă also criticized those who said "numbered or erroneously" that he might have been mistaken "it is a huge pressure, an enormous fatigue", but he will never erase "the decisions" he will make "for Romania and Romanians".

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