Dance, between the rectification of the budget and the protests of 10 August

"Some people try, for strictly political reasons, to stir up this spiral of conflict, to further divide society, there is a tendency that this split is irreparable, and the violent events of 10 August have shown this," Dăncilă said.

The first target of those who want to take power is the Gendarmerie, "but also other institutions," the prime minister said, noting that he would not fire anyone, but believes that "a person or institution can only be accused based on convincing evidence."

The budget of the executive should also include the budget review, one of the most important government projects, but President Klaus Iohannis "did not find the opening or perhaps had no time to convene the CSAT", in the opinion of the Council Dăncilă said at the beginning of the hearing. The government urged President Klaus Iohannis to convene the CSAT meeting on Tuesday as a matter of urgency

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