Dăncilă attacks left and right after the missed meeting with the head of the European Commission

Palace War on Summit continues! Victoria Palace launches Premier Viorica Dăncilă a direct attack on President Klaus Iohannis. The head of the executive power accuses the head of state that he did not involve the government in organizing the meeting.

Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă said on Tuesday at the beginning of the governmental meeting, referring to the failed meeting with EC President Jean Claude Juncker on Monday, that it is unfortunate that government institutions have been used in political games.

"Unfortunately, it strikes me that this international meeting has been politicized in a completely non-responsive and ethical way." The accumulation of voter capital may not prevail over the economic interests of Romania. such events and state institutions in political games, events that Romania must promote and have no personal interests, events that are often used at the expense of Romania's public interests, which gives our country immeasurable costs, "said Viorica Dăncilă.

The Prime Minister assured that, even under these circumstances, "the government will not be diverted from the implementation of the government program".

The meeting between the European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker and the Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă caused a real scandal.

Yesterday, when Juncker arrived in our country, no Romanian official at the airport waited for him. Prime Minister Dăncilă did not arrive at the airport on time and blamed the SPP.

On his departure, the Prime Minister was at the airport an hour earlier, but this time the Juncker plane left too late due to technical problems. The conclusion? The prime minister asks for a report and looks for the guilty.

The visit of the President of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, in our country was followed by bad luck. Yesterday the plane had to arrive at Baneasa Airport at 6.30 pm. The plane arrived 30 minutes earlier and no Romanian official met Juncker. Not even Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă, who, according to the protocols, should be present at Baneasa Airport. Dăncilă blamed the SPP.

"At 5.40 pm the director of Baneasa Airport announced that the aircraft with which he will come to Romania, the President of the European Commission, will land earlier." At 6 pm Premier Viorica entered Dăncilă Baneasa Airport, but SPP took it in the official column, the delegation of the European Commission President on a plane scale and went to the hotel where he would be accommodated, "says a press release from the government .

But it is the prime minister who gave up the SPP protection services in the winter, together with the other members of the cabinet. SPP claims that it has NOT established the dignity qualification program.

Today, when Juncker left, Viorica Dăncilă arrived an hour earlier at the airport not to miss the meeting with the head of the European Commission.

Apart from yesterday's diplomatic blunder, the Prime Minister welcomed Tuesday Juncker with the telephone in his hand. On official photos it was again not possible to disconnect the mobile.

After the incidents at the airport, the Minister of Transport, Lucian Şova, sent the inspection body at the request of the Prime Minister to verify that all procedures had been completed in the event of the landing and take-off of Juncker's aircraft.

In the meantime, Dăncilă also asked the General Secretariat of the government for a detailed report on how the protocol of the institution organized the meeting scheduled between the Prime Minister and the Head of the European Commission on Monday.

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