Daniel Dragomir enters politics

The parallel state did not seem to be alone, but with the complicity of politicians, says Daniel Dragomir. "What no one will say, dear friends, is the truth." The parallel state was not alone: ​​Coldea, Maior, Kovesi, Dumbravă, Lazar and their acolytes are only weak people, if I see a microphone in front, the parallel state is created. by complicity, cowardice, misery, negotiations, hypocrisy, combinations of politicians and interest groups around them (from the media and business) From Romania and from outside Politicians have accepted hiding places from the judiciary, finance, banks, administration, ministries and politics, even at their parties, he did not force Coldea there, "says Dragomir.

He also says that politicians have left the parallel state to develop, driven by their own interests. "We have come to the situation today because these people have done that they do not see or have negotiated their interests or said they are heading in. As long as they do not touch us, they leave the crazies and innocents in prison." Kovesi and Coldea When they saw the joke increase, we trusted, innocent and bitter, we went to fight, stayed at the office for a while and hung up on television and kept doing what they knew best: the combinations and negotiations on the back of the Romanians, "says Dragomir.

He noted that this led him to go into politics. "I am tired, I personally know politicians of all honest and fair people I respect in both the PSD and the ALDE and the PNL and USR in many political parties, and I also know many Romanian patriots who recognize the truth when they see it and recognize the truth in what they say and they are tired Our voice must be heard The voice of the innocent and miserable Romanians must be heard Romania first of all Yes I decided today to go into politics and decided to place the order in the land! "concluded Daniel Dragomir.

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