Daniel Dragomir launches the RAZBOI with the press

Former SRI officer Daniel Dragomir launches the war against part of the press in Romania. TVR journalist Alex Costache and the public television chef Doina Gradea are among the targets.

"Herr Klemm, why did the American embassy give tens of thousands of dollars to Alex Costache, the Coldea and Dumbrava man, to wound up President Trump?

Alex Costache also called Alin Ionescu from G4Media aka Dumbrava's sergeant.

Their propaganda.

A handful of security slaves, used by Dumbrava and the parallel state, attacks President Trump.

This so-called journalist is employed by TVR for government money. Note only what is dictated to G4Media under alias.

Mrs. Doina Gradea PDG from TVR, Romanian Parliament, SRI Control Commission, even SRI tac.

I strongly insist on the split-off of TVR & # 39; s "journalist"!

People died in 1989 at TVR to defend Romanian television as Alex Costache!

The US embassy is silent. But he always invites Herr Klemm everywhere and Alex Costache and his wife (still involved in TVR).

Alex Costache, co-payer, paid the American taxpayer's money through a number of exotic destinations: New Orleans, New York and a bit of DC.

General Inspector and Congress, what do you think they will have if they see the embassy with the people from Coldea and Dumbrava?

Why? For training. And for "excellent results" in Dan Voiculescu's attack. On 8 August 2014 Dan Voiculescu was convicted. In September 2014 Coldea and Dumbrava & # 39; s media attack team left for the US. On American taxpayers money. Prize.

The American advantage over Romania is that the evidence exists, can not be removed or processed! And we also have a new Republican administration that will charge you back!

PS. Until you come (who you are?) From "hac", as you say to "Strump", you can return tens of thousands of dollars. And you give them away!

Mark my words!

See link: ", writes Daniel Dragomir about Romania 3.0.ro.

Journalist Alex Costache did not respond to the accusations of Dragomir, but his Facebook page was not posted.

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