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Continued research into the aggression of the two American basketball players in Braila. Dasaev, about the real name Gabriel Daniel Husein, the main suspect in this case, is accused of attempting to assassinate Darrel Bowie, the American player who was transported to the Floreasca hospital.

The information of the researchers contradicts the theory of Dasaev, according to which he was always at home and it would not have been searched by the researchers.

The forensic doctor determined that the life of Darrel Bowie was in danger!

According to the data of the debraila.ro, the forensic doctor noted that the life of basketball player Darrel Bowie had been compromised, and his medical care would be somewhere between 40 and 45 days. Bowie was taken to Bucharest in the Floreasca hospital the images with him on the helicopter and the SMURD ambulance They made it around Romania, made everyone more empowered. As a result of these findings, the researchers determined that this was an attempted murder.

As for the situation of the other a player stabbed in Braila, Joseph McClain, the forensic doctor decided that between 25 and 30 days of medical care would need to recover after the serious incident on Sunday. For this situation the culprit will be in the category and other violence!

The public prosecutor contradicts Dasaev! In addition, there are other suspects

Mircea Ciutac, attorney prosecutor, spoke about the ongoing investigation into the basketball bombers Darrel Bowie and Joseph McClain, legalized by ACS Cuza Sport Braila. He claims that a person stabbed the two athletes, referring to the main suspect, Gabriel Daniel Husein, aka Dasaev. However, other suspects were involved in the conflict, all before the knife attacked the two. Moreover, the conflict was spontaneous, not how Dasaev suspected.

"Investigations are being conducted for attempted attempted murder of two persons, disruption of peace and public order and port and use without the right to dangerous objects. In fact, a man in a club in Braila was carrying a knife that used to hit two people who had injured them.

Some of his victims were endangered and needed 40-45 days of medical care. The latter made it easier, without being life-threatening, but required 25-30 days of medical care. It is premature to say that the one who taught was the author, but he did not surrender in vain. We can now say before the hearings that a single person has given it with the knife
It was a spontaneous conflict. The images are very clear. After filming several people are involved, I do not think they reach ten, they are not heard, they are still wanted"Said Mircea Ciutac.

Mircea Ciutac case prosecutor in basketball bassist Darrel Bowie and Joseph McClain, stung by Dasaev
Procedant of the case of Mircea Ciutac in basketball specialist Darrel Bowie and Joseph McClain

You can view the statement of the public prosecutor in the video below


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