Dog buried alive in a crypt, rescued by firefighters

Melania Fifth, journalist at the Timpolis newspaper in Timisoara, who was at the cemetery of Sânnicolau Mare to recapture the graves of his loved ones, heard the bark of a dog from a crypt, writes

"When I called the cemetery manager, who is also a graveyard, he told me that he knew he knew he was burying him two or three days ago, because he could not get the animal out of the pit," says Melania.

He immediately called 112 to request emergency assistance. "I was taken from the post to the fire brigade, from there to the police, where I was asked to file a complaint they would investigate." They also told me that I would be called when deciding who would intervene in this situation "said the journalist.

Because no one was called, Melania Cincea decided to ask for help directly from the firefighters of Sannicolau Mare. "We filed a direct complaint with the fire brigade in Sannicolau, who announced that the legal procedure is being sought to intervene urgently," added the Timpolis journalist.
The firefighters of Sannicolau Mare did not care much and intervened quickly. About 20 minutes after the phone call they came to the cemetery, the cement plate of the cavou returned and released the dog.
The fire team was led by Zoran Simici. "We had to pick up the plate from the grave, it was heavy, we got a bit tired until we set it up, and certainly the one who did this was not the only one." There were more people because one person could not place a 400-pound board. I really looked, to see if there was a door or something, there was no way to get the dog there It was hermetically sealed I understand the dog was two days There are more dogs on the cemetery, dumped by people, it was a more sensitive intervention that we do not encounter every day, "explained Zoran Simici.

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