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Liviu Dragnea, deputy chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, wrote Friday on Facebook that those in the SRI control committee should "analyze all illegal acts committed by the SRI". Dragnea's request appears in the context in which the adviser to Prime Minister Darius Vâlcov made a secret protocol of the DVI public.

"As deputy chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, I ask the SRI Supervisory Committee to urgently investigate the investigation of the possible illegal acts of the SRI and to bring all the details of this story to light. I think the judicial inspection in turn in connection with these protocols and start an investigation at the public prosecutor's office, "writes Dragnea on the so-called Facook page.

The PSD president claims that other documents were signed between Eduard Hellvig and Augustin Lazar. Dragnea refers to the cooperation protocol signed between the SRI and the ICCJ.

"One called" Protocol on the organization of cooperation between the Romanian memory service and the prosecutor's office, attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice for the performance of their duties according to the law "largely provides for the same formulas of cooperation between officers and officers of Justice in the criminal activity are the same loopholes and phrases that allow the officer to slip into the criminal investigation, which withdraws the document signed in 2009 by George Maior and Codruţa Koveşi.

This protocol was kept secret. When the press repeatedly asked if there were protocols, I could hear the head of the Attorney General, Augustin Lazar, for example. On this occasion a second protocol appeared, posted in shoots on the website of the Public Prosecution Service.
The authors made sure that they wrote "not clear" on every page. It is a protocol signed by Mr. Hellvig and Lazar "for establishing the concrete conditions for access to technical systems of the National Center for interception of communication". It has the same date as the first, so 7 and 8 December 2016, four days before the parliamentary elections, "said the PSD chairman.

Prime Minister Darius Vâlcov's advisor published a different version of the protocol a few days ago between the SRI and the public prosecutor's office in 2016, at the elections, with more provisions than those on the public prosecutor's website.

The protocol made public by Darius Vâlcov is concluded between the SRI and the public prosecutor and has 27 points. It has a registration date of December 2016, but deviates from what is on the website of the Public Prosecution Service. SRI spokesman Ovidiu Marincea said that the secret protocol published by Darius Vâlcov had no consequences, because it was condemned one month after signing it because it was useless, noting that the document is in the SRI control committee, as well as evidence of the cancellation.

SRI spokesman Ovidiu Marincea said Thursday that the secret protocol, published by Darius Vâlcov, has no consequences because it was sued a month after his signature because it was useless, underlining that the document is in the SRI control committee, as well as proof of his cancellation .

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