Dragnea claims that his murder has been committed and that the Internet has gone mad with laughter. These are the best jokes

After Liviu Dragnea claimed last night that there had been an attempted murder last year, the Romanians once again tried the sense of humor and the internet is full of jokes. This is the following.

"Violence in the evening, Antena 3 invites Viorica Dancila to reveal how she would fall victim to DEX, DOOM2 and IOOP, internal paramilitary groups, but was saved at the last minute by PLM and Maria Grapini."

"Dragnea said Soros wanted to kill him last year, well, this year he wanted a whole country to do that."

"The murderers approached him, but Dragnea stole their pants behind them. I do not even understand what happened to them … they're still looking for their clothes and pistols last year."

"Breaking news: the four assassins paid by Soros to liquidate Dragnea have been identified and for security reasons I can only give the initials of their last names: M, U, I, E".

"You have seen the power of the esotericists in Romania!" Downstairs with Liviu Dragnea, as if you were not paying any money, and if you lived on Lorin Fortuna, Livache would delete the file, not just the assassination attempt! ".

"The mystery of the intervention of gendarmes on the taxi with the four Jews was cleared, they missed the first time, and they came back to take his gland to Dragnea, to tell someone that you do not have a poor organ, tomorrow, what on earth is going on? "

"Dragnea claims that last year was the target of a failed attempt at his life, up to four strangers. The Invisible Man, Yeti, Santa Claus and Bau-Bau denied any involvement."

"Hello sea view camera, you have? Sorry, only with 4 contract killers if you want".

"Those four were Irina's brothers and sisters."

"Why would you give Dragnea in the hands of hitmen who get paid if there are so many good men who would do it for free?"

"It seems that last year the beloved social-democratic leader Liviu I of Romania was the victim of an assassination, and luckily for the popular leader, the poison was administered in the toothpaste so he escaped."

"Carmen Dan found the four foreign assassins hidden in the power outlet with the help of Dancy who decoded the polyglotta that the missionaries were talking about."

"The murder on Dancilla has failed, greed has gone through the head without harming it."

"Those who wanted to escape Dragnea were not extraterrestrials, so the Romanians speak Androneasca, Tudose and Dancila, the 4th was Ciorbea, not an alien!"

"Have there been four hotel reservations?"

"The four men were trying to wash their teeth … the equivalent of a Dragnea murder."

"Four hitmen have followed me on Facebook, I've blocked them." Liviu Dragnea.

"#Not in public functions! #Life in Public Fun".

"The four killers have managed to pave the way, but keep those little in the window to take his retirement."

"So those four Israeli tourists were defeated by the gendarmes, they wanted to kill dad?"

"It would be better to send Soros to Margelatu." Ala would have stayed everywhere. "

"The dementia started: Valcov had to be recruited and Dragnea was killed, and soon we will discover that Veorica was about to be brought up."

The photograph refers to the tattoo that is often found by former detainees and which means their loneliness in prison – "only between four walls."

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