Exercises and controversies related to tear gas and the death of a man

Alexandru Dinică, technical non-commissioner, said that the ammunition used by the Gendarmerie is not dangerous and certified by all specialized committees. "All materials are deadly and certified by all organizations and law, Grenada is a Romanian production, it is made in Mija Mechanical Plant, Dâmboviţa, the 38 launchers are made in Italy, and in order to get it from Italy, I need certificates of all countries through which the ammunition goes, until it reaches me, " Dinica said.

On the other hand, the spirits were re-ignited as a result of the death of a demonstrator. A 62-year-old from Teleorman, a protest participant, died a week after inhaling tear gas.

Raed Arafat, head of the DSU, claims that the demonstrator presented himself to a SMURD ambulance on the market in the night of 10 August. The man's blood flowed out of his nose and he was aware. After receiving the first aid, the man was offered transport to the hospital, but refused to sign it

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