False veterinarians, in white robes, removed their pigs from the wound

Dâmbovita. The swine fever gave them ideas for scams. People dressed in white and word-of-mouth took pigs to the local population for a presumed veterinary test, because the swine fever fever virus would have appeared in the village, writes adevarul.ro. Such cases were reported in the municipality of DâmboviŃă Ciocăneşti. False representatives of DSV went to a sheepfold, where they took the largest and most beautiful copy, but also to a household, where people, more reluctant, refused to do so. "I received a few phones in the direction that some were dressed in white robes on a sheepfold and took a pig, the largest and then another household, on the pretext of having to make analyzes, and people should take such situations into account, because Dambovita is a free country and we have no suspicion or swine fever, "said Dr. Sandu Tolea, director of DSV Dâmboviţa, quoted by truthvar.ro.
Braila. The situation has become dramatic in the province as a result of swine fever. On Friday and Saturday, the veterinarians discovered two new outbreaks in two large farms in Gropeni and Tichileşti, which raise a total of 175,000 pigs, writes adevarul.ro. The two pigs are only eight kilometers apart, close to the Danube and Braila. Veterinary authorities have launched the disheartening hypothesis that the plague has in fact spread over water. "We did everything we could to protect farms on land, but eventually the virus came into the water, and the blame belongs to the unconscious that has thrown pig carcasses into the Danube," said Dr. Gicu Dragan, director of the veterinary sanitary veterinary direction of Braila.
Ialomita. Authorities say they do not know what to do to keep the situation under control. To date, there are 91 outbreaks in 21 provinces in the province. A total of 7,800 animals were preventively killed on July 21 when the first outbreak in Giurgeni was confirmed. With all the efforts of the authorities to prevent the spread of the disease, people still sacrifice animals in secret, afraid they will not get what they eat. "We have distributed thousands of flyers, posted 10,000 posters, do you think someone reads it, I do not know, like people do, pig pigs as pets in the neighborhood, we pray day and night to stop the epidemic", Dr. Mihai Puia, director of DSV Ialomita. The last outbreak of African swine fever was confirmed in the village of Rovine, in the household of the local priest, where there were 17 pigs.

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So far 725 outbreaks of African swine fever have been detected throughout the country. 120,000 animals were killed. The swine fever virus was confirmed in 156 places and announced the National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority (ANSVSA).

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