Fantastic decision from Sweden with the anti-PSD driver! Which word is not allowed!

Răzvan Ştefănescu, the owner of the famous anti-PSD license plates, announced the decision taken by the Swedish authorities in his case. (READ OUT: "PAPION ESCROCHES" HAVE IMPROVED THE ROMANIAN BOGA & # 39; S WHO HELP YOUR VICTIMS)

"I received a reply from the Swedish authorities regarding the registration numbers and I was told that he will not return them, but they can do some without using the word PSD, so M ** E is accepted!", Wrote Răzvan Ştefănescu on Facebook

On 7 August, the criminal case opened its name because it circulated with anti-PSD registration numbers. The act does not exist, the prosecutor thought after analyzing the police file. The badges that have given him so many assaults have been replaced by others, and these have also been issued by the Swedish authorities and the license plates with the anti-PSD message have been canceled by the Swedish authorities.(NOT SPECIFIED, HERE: STORY EXPRESSED FROM YOUR BIRTH, ON 24 YEARS!)

"When we were informed that license plates could be considered an offense, we decided to withdraw them, the decision was taken on July 25 and the registration number is no longer valid from August 1st", was the message of Swedish officials

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