Fifor: "CEx has shown that PSD is the strongest and most democratic party in Romania" – Essential

Minister of Defense Mihai Fifor claims that the PSD leaders' meeting in Neptun would have shown that the party is the strongest and most democratic party in Romania despite its opponents who want to cause PSD disruptions or interruptions.

"The PSD National Executive Committee has once again demonstrated that the Social Democratic Party is not only the most powerful but also the most democratic party in Romania, where disagreements are respected and listened to, and important decisions are taken together, and our opponents would strive for the idea of ​​a to launch divisions in public space by interpreting differences of opinion as partisans who try to cause schisms, fragments or interruptions of the PSD, their plan is nullified again, "Fifor wrote on Facebook.

According to Fifor, people in the PSD even have opinions that they express indefinitely. "Most likely, our opponents have the impression that if they apply fist policy in the mouth, such an approach applies to all other political forces, and there is no such thing in the PSD," added Fifor to the tensions generated on Saturday by the request of Gabriele Firea to dismiss the Minister of the Interior, Carmen Dan.

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