Fire in a medical center in Arad. Dozens of people were evacuated


                <img src = "" id = "image61917214" title = "autospeciala ISU" alt = "Approximately 20 patients of the Laser System Recovery Medical Center on the outskirts of Arad were evacuated on Sunday morning after the roof of one of the pavilions of the complex caught fire.

The fire covered the roof of a private medical center, namely the Laser System Clinic, where older people in particular are treated, according to

No one has been injured and firefighters have been able to limit the spread of flames.

Employees immediately evacuated patients in the affected pavilion, about 20 people, and called 112.

Different ambulances went on the spot, but no one needed medical help.

] Arad firefighters intervened with three firecrackers and a de-crewing-plow

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" The fire was localized and has not expanded: it covered about 60 square meters of roof " said the spokesman of Emergency Situations Inspectorate

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