Firefighters of Sannicolau Mare rescued a buried dog living in a crypt called Timpolis

Photo: Zoran Simici

A dog was condemned almost to death – a slow, tortured – by the grave of a graveyard in Sânnnicolau Mare, which he knowingly closed in a crypt. The animal was saved by a fire service crew.

On Saturday evening, when I walked through the cemetery on the Marasesti street in Sânnicolau Mare, I heard a dog barking. The sheets were heard under the concrete plate of a crypt. When I called the cemetery administrator, who is also the cemetery there, he clearly told me that he knew the animal – that he had put his plate in the crypt, like two or three days – and that he left him there because he did not let him out. to get the well …

When I was nineteen, I called 112 to request emergency assistance from firefighters. I was taken from the dispatch to the National Firefighters, from there – to the National Police, where I was ordered to file a complaint with the Sannicolau Police that they would investigate – which would mean at least 24 hours, time in which the dog could die. – but that I could announce the Gendarmerie. They also told me that I would be called when deciding who would intervene in this situation. Almost an hour later, no one called me until now.

When I saw that nothing was solved with 112, I called the fire brigade in Sannicolau, who lodged the complaint and told me that the legal procedure to intervene was urgent – and they found it in a very short time – and that I will be announced – what happened in less than ten minutes.

In about 15-20 minutes after my telephone conversation, a fire service crew was led by Zoran Simicihe reached the cemetery, opened the crypt and rescued the dog. A police team from Sânnicolau Mare Police participated in the intervention and, with the opening of a tomb, one of the Orthodox priests, Călin Cioban.

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