Former FBI director has five steps to restore the RIGHT STATUS in Romania

"These secret protocols, hidden by the Romanian people and the legislator who have thrown out the SRI, are a secret agreement to remove the rule of law by implementing intelligence officers in judicial agencies, said in an interview, notes columnist Andrew Cave.

"They undermine the integrity and independence of the judiciary through unfair support from prosecutors and jeopardize the independence of magistrates. "These secret pacts have provoked a justified uprising in Romania, the European Union and the United States."

Who is Louis Freeh

Freeh, 68, was the director of the FBI for eight years after being appointed by President Bill Clinton in 1993 and completing a career that began as a special agent who became deputy assistant and district judge for the southern district of New York.

His reaction came after he had watched the violence between police officers and demonstrators in Bucharest on 10 August

"However, the Public Prosecutor's Office, the Directorate for the Fight against Organized Crime and Terrorism and the Romanian Intelligence Service stated that they had no information about an attack"said the former agent.

The five-point plan developed by the former FBI director for restoring the rule of law in Romania

He wants the government of Romania and its Members in Parliament to take the following measures to remedy what he & # 39; a serious legal crisis & # 39; calls.

1) A firm intention to investigate and prosecute corruption within the limits of the law;

2) Exempted persons who have been convicted without a fair trial, with insufficient or unlawful evidence or on the basis of the protocols of the judges in dispute;

3) Establish an independent committee of judges and internationally renowned experts who are competent and funded to investigate secret protocols, investigate the prosecutor's offices, the DNA and the SRI intelligence service in Romania and make specific recommendations for reform;

4) The government's commitment to confidentially identify judges who were "files" was created while the protocols were drafted to review the nature and duration of the accusations;

5) Set up professional responsibility offices for PG, DNA and SRI to investigate complaints against these institutions and to establish appropriate behavioral and liability standards.

From "Gulag" to democracy

Romania is out of the & # 39; gulag & # 39; come to become a democratic country that is essential for the EU, NATO, Freeh says.

"I am convinced that the Romanian people and its leaders have the will, the dedication and the perseverance to restore the rule of law for future generations", concludes the former FBI director.

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