Four thieves have lowered a safe on the 4th floor with a string in Drobeta Turnu Severin

The rope was caught by the roof of the block, with the help of entering the house, and then used it to transport the prey.

Their acrobatics were noticed by a police patrol and when they left the building, the thieves were watched for decades in the streets of the city, and finally two of them were taken prisoner. The other two are also identified and locked up in the country, informing

The two men were also taken to court where they received an order for the trial for 30 days, and the other two suspects who escaped are followed up.

The police found the jewels in the thieves' car, the total damage amounted to 55,000 slate. Owners of goods have already received their stolen goods.

A thief who broke the ceiling of a Resita jewelry – and almost stole the entire vault – was caught five months after committing the crime / PHOTO

  • PHOTO & VIDEO: Romanian police

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