From 10 August. One of the participants in the Victory Square protest would have died

After the violence of the protest against diaspora, many people were injured and needed medical attention. One of the demonstrators who would need the help of doctors is Ilie Gasea, who according to journalist Alexandru Căutis would have died a week after the failure of tear gas..

The man was 62 years old and at the moment there is no information about a link between the death of the man and the disease caused by the substances used in the protest.

"Exclusive! A dead protester after the incidents at Victory Square

Ilie Gasea, a 62-year-old man, died a week after not using tear gas. On August 10, during the Victory Square rally, around 20, he had a strong nasal and oral bleeding. He received medical care and went home.

The next day he felt very sick and went to the hospital. The irony of fate makes this man from Turnu Magurele, death is recorded in the hospital of Alexandria. I come back with other details. The victim is a person in the middle of this group ", wrote Alexandru Căutis on his Facebook page, where he also placed a picture of the victim.

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